Recycle your leggings and earn rewards.

Beyond manufacturing a quality product we feel we have the responsibility to better the way things are done. We want to positively impact our industry and the world. This is why we are going circular. Any product bought from us can be then sent back to be recycled.
Send back your old and unwanted Greatly and Co. or GTS Clothing products and receive 100 reward points per product.
Please fill out the form below and follow instructions after submitting.
Please Note:
*We can only handle and accept Greatly & Co. or GTS Clothing product at this time.
*While we can accept any amount of product per month, rewards earned will be capped at 5 products per month.
We will be constantly refining our program and partners as new opportunities and information becomes available over time. We currently will be working with NYSAR and it's various local partners.
More information on the impacts.
NY State residents throw away over 1.4 BILLION POUNDS of clothes and textiles annually, with a market value exceeding $200 million, plus another $36 million in costs to dispose of these recoverable materials. 
Figures show that about 5% of all of the materials going into landfills or waste to energy facilities (waste combustors) is clothing or textile products. Our cities and counties can extend the life of their landfills by diverting used clothing and textiles out of the waste stream and into reuse and recycling programs.
The average American throws away an estimated 70 pounds of unwanted clothing, footwear and other textile products annually.
85% of the nation’s used clothing and household textiles that could have been reused/ recycled winds up in landfills; only 15% is being reused or recycled.
NYSAR3, SMART and the Council for Textile Recycling estimate 95% of all used clothing, footwear and other cloth household products such as sheets, towels, curtains, and pillowcases can be recycled.
Of all of the used clothing and household textiles that are currently being recycled, SMART estimates:
40% is re-used for its original purpose (i.e. as an item of clothing). 
Approximately 30% is cut into industrial wiping and polishing cloths. 
25% is shipped to mills that shred the textiles into fiber that is then used to manufacture new products such as home insulation, car soundproofing, carpet padding and stuffing for upholstered furniture and pet bedding. 
The remaining 5% is thrown away because it is wet (mildewed) or had been stained with a solvent such as gasoline.
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, currently, 2.25 million tons of used clothing and household textiles are recycled annually, while more than 12 million tons (12.08 million) are discarded in our nation’s landfills and waste to energy facilities (waste combustors). 
About 24 pounds of CO2 are reduced for every 100 pounds of textiles that are recycled or reused.
According to the U.S. EPA, today we recycle two million tons of clothing/textiles per year across the US. This is the equivalent of removing  one million cars from the nation’s roads.